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I've been following your posts for quite a long time now. I rarely comment, but I suppose I am one of the many who silently find your texts absolutely fundamental.

It is not only the underlying assumptions (which were not that difficult to discover if one passes behind the propaganda), but especially the quality of the argument, the near perfection of the synthesis.

The only problem that I have with your analysis is that it is loosing some of its novelty (countdown to $200 oil after countdown to $100 oil doesn't add that much per se).

More than analyzing the flaws of the current system, what we need, I think, is to meditate on the near and medium term future (post-peak, the end of permagrowth). How will this future be like? How should we move in order to make it better?

I must confess that, up to now, forecasting the short term future was not a very complicated exercise for myself. But we are living interesting times (as in the curse), and I confess that I am always expecting to have your insights on what the future might look, because what I see is too cloudy to get a clear picture of it.

I actually do think you don't underline the bad news, it is just the future that looks rather bleak...

by t-------------- on Sun Jul 6th, 2008 at 03:04:13 PM EST

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