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I haven't heard anyone make that argument and I suspect the Irish church (at episcopal level) will not be making any pronouncements on sexuality, gay or otherwise, for a very long time.  

There are, in fact, very few references to homosexuality within the bible; all are open to other interpretations as there may not have been any such culturally constructed concept as "homosexuality" within ancient Judea; and some even suggest a tolerant anttitude by Christ as in the Roman Centurion and his "servant".

The proddy cleric quoted below has suggested, on the radio, that one of the reasons why there may have been such a prevalence of paedophilia in the RC Church is that celibacy, authoritarianism, and the sexual repression of the priestly formation process all combined to attract paedophiles to the priesthood and exacerbated any sexually deviant tendencies any others may have had.

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