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The Lede is providing updates in real time on the final stage of the rescue of 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped in a collapsed mine shaft for 68 days. There is live video of the operation embedded above (courtesy of Chile's government and MSNBC) and the latest text updates will appear automatically below -- including news from other Web sites and reports from our colleagues Simon Romero and Alexei Barrionuevo, who are at the San José mine, near the Chilean city of Copiapó, along with family members of the miners and more than 1,400 journalists. M. Amedeo Tumolillo contributed reporting.

Colombia Reports: Some estimated 20,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Bogota  on Tuesday to demand respect for indigenous rights.

AFP, BOGOTA -- A former Colombian army officer was sentenced to 44 years in prison for his role in the deaths of more than 245 civilians, many of whom were hacked to pieces with a power saw, officials said.  Retired major Alirio Antonio Urena received the sentence for killings systematically carried out out against the local population of the town of Trujillo in western Colombia between 1986 and 1994. At the time, Urena was a commander in Colombia's Valle de Cauca state of an army brigade with ties to right-wing paramilitaries which was said to be responsible for the systematic assassinations of people in Trujillo, prosecutors said.

SANTIAGO, Dominican Republic - One person was killed and four more were injured Tuesday during a protest in the northern Dominican Republic, an activist said, blaming the violence on police. A spokesman for the Broad Front of Popular Struggle, or FALPO, told Efe that residents of several towns peacefully mobilized to demand the creation of local public infrastructure when they were fired upon by the National Police.

HAVANA, Oct 12, 2010 (IPS) - Raúl Regueiro remembers every detail about the creation, 10 years ago in Cuba, of the project for the prevention of HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with men, and the way the initiative crossed the boundaries of purely health-related concerns to address the question of social inclusion. "Although homosexuality had been mentioned before, up to that point no work had been done with men," Regueiro told IPS. A co-founder of the project, Regueiro's idea is now applied in 14 provinces on the island and involves around 1,700 volunteer health outreach workers who act as direct links with Cuban communities.

Mexico: Just the Facts: Institutional impunity, human rights violations, and terror continue to fuel Mexico's weakening security environment. Among the latest pieces of news related to violence in Mexico and drug trafficking...

NACLA: Coup in Ecuador?: Both Correa and former National Police commander Freddy Martínez, who resigned after his failure to control his troops, argue that outside instigators infiltrated the police, misled police about the austerity measures in the Public Service Law, and provoked the uprising. Labor and indigenous organizations in Ecuador, however, have taken a more nuanced line. The police rebellion occurred, they argue, because Ecuador's right wing is taking advantage of weaknesses created by Correa's alienating governing style. Although they opposed any coup attempt and demanded that constitutional order be respected, they also criticized Correa for marginalizing his natural allies in the social movements and leaving himself vulnerable to attacks from the right.

Peru's dirty little mining secret is getting bigger and dirtier [Re-Print] : This, quite honestly, beggars belief. Yesterday's Peru metals production figures bear witness to the ongoing environmental disaster that is the Madre De Dios Amazon Basin region, the wholesale rape of one of the world's most ecologically sensitive regions and the utter tripe and two-faced lies spewed by President Alan Garcia, his lying toady of an Environment Minister Antonio Brack and the total disregard Peru has for anything except genuflexion at the altar of growth and short-term profit.

The Cuban Triangle: Odds & Ends

Hurricane Paula

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