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Thanks very much for this diary, talos.

The graph of Greek GDP, this quote --

"If Greece had better control of corruption--not to Swedish standards, but even at Spain's level--it would have had a smaller budget deficit by 4% of gross domestic product," on average over the past five years, says Daniel Kaufmann, senior fellow at Brookings and the study's author.

-- and your description of corruption in Greece convince me that this is most critical thing to fix in this crisis.  Maybe you will be discussing that in the next part of your diary.

Has Greece always been like this, at least since 1975?  Did joining the European Community in 1981 and then the euro zone in 2001 have any impact -- either for better or for worse -- on how business was conducted in Greece, the prevalence of the black market, income inequality, spending and borrowing habits, etc.?  Do you have any thoughts on how these behaviors and attitudes can be significantly diminished?

The point is not to be right, but to get to right.

by marco on Fri May 14th, 2010 at 09:42:25 AM EST

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