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it should be:
  • "people thought to have partied"
  • "people who think they didn't party"
(in each case the "thinking" being done by the supposedly virtuous party.

But basically, it would be people who took on debt and people who didn't take on debt.

There's been an interesting trend to present the economy as a morality play, as per this diary: Tired of Slutty Unemployed Women and Their Divorces

The current economic crisis for American households has taken on a new aspect.  It's being spun by the GOP and their media parasites not as an economic problem, but as a social problem.  A problem of morals.  A problem of values.

It's not the consequence of thirty years of sh!tty conservative economic policy.

Of course not!

It's about a failure of Americans to live within the standards set for them by the preachers, pontiffs and pundits in the right-wing.

American families -- previously considered victims of the economic crisis -- are now the cause of it.

Don't blame Wall St.!

Blame the unemployed.

They are unemployed because they are drug addicts.

People losing their homes are to blame because they were greedy.

People have lost their jobs because they are lazy.

Or because they failed to train for the jobs of the future.  (Tee-hee!)

Shouldn't they suffer the consequences of their misdeeds?

The GOP hopes to get a three-fer win out of the current economic crisis.

First, they want to stall government aid, crash the system again and reap electoral benefits in November.

Second, they want to use it to solidify gains made by their cronies in New York and Washington over the last thirty years of wealth confiscation.

And, third, they want to use it to prove once and for all that there is an economic cost to the working household when the public is allowed to commit values crimes -- you know, the usual divorce, abortion and same-sex marijuana.

And the media is all too happy to comply.

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by Jerome a Paris (etg@eurotrib.com) on Fri Jun 25th, 2010 at 08:09:29 AM EST
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