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So far in 2010 Italy has installed 1500 MW of solar PV,

Checking their source, they are a bit confused. 1500 MW is the expectation for new installations this year.

...Solar PV installations ... are expected to reach 1,500 MW in 2010.

I deem this part important:

According to Gruppo Imprese Fotovoltaiche Italiane (GIFI), 93% of all solar PV in Italy is installed on rooftops in distributed applications.

The bubble in Spain was fed largely by investors building large-scale greenfield facilities ( >1MW). And ven though the government plans degression, it is orderly unlike the one the German federal government wanted:

Unlike Spain, the government has no plans to cut the program dramatically. The proposed revision to the feed-in tariff program (conto energia), currently waiting approval, reduces the tariffs and sets a new target of 3,000 MW for the three-year period from 2011 to 2013. The revisions are expected to be approved sometime this summer. The proposal cuts the tariffs 18% in three equal steps of 6% during each of the first three quarters in 2011.

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