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What do you mean, Germany? Our government is thinking in weeks and days.

Do you really think e. g. Phillip Rösler thinks about the Eurozone? He is thinking about his party conference in may, about who will be deputy party leader, about whow he can economy minister instead of the economy minister (calif instead of the calif). Rösler is at least a bit thinking about his party too - the aforesaid eoconomy minister is fighting for his very short term political survival.

Merkel is.. I don't know. Does she know?

And the Bundesbank is as usual in a spiritual realm of their own, worrying about inflation, about rising wages (in Germany!), the public finances (in Germany!). And of course since the upheaval there, they are occupied with their own personal quarrels.

Drift, nothing more.
The result could still be the same.

by IM on Sun Apr 10th, 2011 at 04:35:15 PM EST
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