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As a small question, who are the landlords in other countries in Europe it local communities? or is it  financial organisations and aristocracy?

The big maggie stimulation was to offer council tennants houses at knock down prices (based on the ammount of rent they had already paid) and use the money that came from this to cut the ammount of grant paid by central government into local councils. That cut was forwarded directly If I understand correctly onto tax cuts for the higher earner.

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In Denmark, the rental market consists of (a) people who move out of a property (due to marriage, job change, etc.) but do not wish to sell due to contemporary market conditions, (b) pension funds and similar institutional investors (who like rental property because it's a nice hedge against rising housing costs for their subscribers), (c) various forms of private and semi-private cooperatives and (d) public housing, which serves as a (price) buffer and provides capacity to re-house homeless quickly.

And then you have a variety of intermediate forms between full ownership and leases, such as andelsboliger where you have a group of owners who leverage their greater collective income security and bargaining power into cheaper loans.

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