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Sounds nice, but "the Austrians" were a sect of liberals who had little to do with imperial nostalgia, and the development of their views as we know them today are probably not unaffected by their long-time residences and high standing in Anglo-Saxon countries.

It is also interesting to note that although the Austrians gathered at the university of Vienna, their godfather, Carl Menger, as well as leading figure Ludwig von Mises, came from Galicia (the part of Poland first grabbed by the Habsburgs, later by Stalin, and now part of the Ukraine).

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.

by DoDo on Thu Jun 16th, 2011 at 04:29:43 PM EST
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Good thing it was just a guess then :)

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by A swedish kind of death on Thu Jun 16th, 2011 at 04:34:20 PM EST
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