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I think it's great that we have quite a wide range of candidates for an office which doesn't have a whole lot of power. It allows people to think long term about the Ireland they want rather than the immediate bread and butter issues which are the business of the Government rather than the President.

Dana seems to want Ireland to return to a pre-EU era where conservative Catholicism ruled the roost.

Whatever McGuinness' achievements in Northern Ireland, do we really want to put the NI troubles back to centre stage in Ireland? It seems to me his real objective is to help Sinn Fein supplant Fianna Fail as the second or third largest party in Ireland.

Gallagher seems to be running for CEO of Board Failte or Enterprise Ireland.

If Fine Gael never thought it proper to promote Gay Mitchell to cabinet rank, why should we consider him suitable to be our first citizen? At least Pat Cox has held a very senior position before and done so with some distinction. John Bruton is a former Taoiseach who didn't begger the country but he had better things to do with his time. So we are left with a candidate whom even Fine Gael never rated very highly.

Worthy though Mary Davis' achievements may be, she had nothing to say beyond what a wonderful person she is for working for the disabled.

David Norris seems to think that the louder he shouts the sooner people will stop asking about his letters in support of his former partner. His "legal" argument simply doesn't wash.  Has the Victim of the crime requested that the letters should not be published? If he has legal advice he should publish it so that it can be subjected to public scrutiny.

That sort of leaves Michael D. as the least worst option.  He too has never been a major player in Government (holding one of the most junior cabinet ministries for a time) and who has read his poetry or sociology?  He does have a decent record on human rights and that is probably his saving grace. I just wish he didn't adopt that sanctimonious tone.

Unfortunately, with the Office having so little power we are left with vacuous platitudes and personalities to debate rather than serious policy issues. Bread and circuses without the bread...

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by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Sat Oct 1st, 2011 at 04:33:03 PM EST

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