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Not sure if this addresses the problem of voter suppression that you are speaking of, but a friend wrote to say that he had taken the last month off to help with the Obama campaign. His efforts had been in preparing and conducting training sessions for California lawyers planning to go up to Nevada to participate in voter protection, as well as recruiting folks to do it.

He said their recruiting efforts had been so successful that they had ended up with more people than they could use, and so diverted some of them to get out the vote canvassing, while his time had been spent rotating around sites doing front-line voter protection. He said it was mostly boring, but gratifying. The only down side he said, was that he only left Nevada long enough to get back to see Game 2 of the Giants at the park (like CH, he's a huge Giants fan).

It was his opinion that Obama was winning there, that the polls reflect that, and most of the Nevada-based campaign workers seem to agree.  The early voting figures also seem to indicate we're winning.

by sgr2 on Mon Nov 5th, 2012 at 11:32:29 AM EST
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Yep - that's my reading of all the polls and early voting there as well. NC and FL are much tighter, though.

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