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The polls are out and the Romney_Bot 2012 (Rev. 5945(d) is in deep trouble.  Gallup's five day moving average has:

Romney 32% (sinking from his high of 37%)
Santorum 30% (continually rising)
Gingrich 16% (Another Not-Romney bites the dust)
Paul 8%   (Don't laugh, may be a factor in Tampa)

While PPP showing a nation-wide Frothy surge:

Santorum 38%
Romney 23%
Gingrich 17%
Paul 13%

Santorum is now completely dominating with several key segments of the electorate, especially the most right leaning parts of the party. With those describing themselves as 'very conservative,' he's now winning a majority of voters at 53% to 20% for Gingrich and 15% for Romney.  Santorum gets a majority with Tea Party voters as well at 51% to 24% for Gingrich and 12% for Romney. And with Evangelicals he falls just short of a majority with 45% to 21% for Gingrich and 18% for Romney.

PPP analysis confirms what I've been saying for some time now:

The best thing Romney might have going for him right now is Gingrich's continued presence in the race. If Gingrich dropped out 58% of his supporters say they would move to Santorum, while 22% would go to Romney and 17% to Paul. Santorum gets to 50% in the Newt free field to 28% for Romney and 15% for Paul.

but they've been able to put some numbers to it.

The Santorum surge is a direct result of a closed door meeting of over 150 evangelical leaders early last month.  

The move represents an eleventh-hour effort by social conservatives one week out from the crucial South Carolina primary to unify around a single candidate and blunt the momentum of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, whom many evangelicals consider insufficiently conservative.

These leaders represent a significant percentage of GOP primary voters, have established organizations, have people already staffing those organizations, can put "boots on the ground" in the precincts, and have their own money raising networks.  Together these people reflect a serious and substantial percentage of the GOP primary vote.

Possibly reflecting this, Santorum has become the Not-Romney of choice  in Michigan and has a goodly lead:

Santorum 39%
Romney 24%
Paul 12%  
Gingrich 11%

But with 50% of voters still willing to change, it's all soft for Frothy and Romney could buy himself another primary win.

No polling I can find for Arizona (Feb. 28, along with Michigan) or Washington state (Mar. 3.)  

Three Super Tuesday (Mar. 7) states: Vermont, Ohio, and Georgia, have started voting.

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