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Colombia Reports: Colombia's largest rebel group FARC announced Sunday its intention to release all ten captive members of the security forces and to abandon kidnapping civilians for extortion purposes.
More HERE; Plus Boz ties this in with Chavez's health.

Honduras Culture and Politics: Leticia Salomon, a sociologist at UNAH, provided some of the most rapid and most insightful analyses of the 2009 coup...  Now Diego Jimenez, writing in Costa Rica's La Nación, gives us Salomon's response to the prison fire in Comayagua. (...) She characterizes the situation as one in which the police "don't just cover for those that commit crimes, rather they are part of the organized bands" who commit the crimes; a system biased toward the rich, where the entire justice system is "deficient", something far exceeding even the excesses of past political struggle or repression: a total breakdown, in particular, without accountability for increasing funding justified for "security".

Stratfor on President Chavez's Health:
The Pan-American Post {scroll down} Security think tank Stratfor has seemingly faced another attack from hackers, with WikiLeaks publishing what they say is a set of confidential emails between members of the organization. One interesting exchange relates to Chavez's health, saying that sources had said his cancer had spread to the lymph nodes.
Setty's Notebook: So, maybe Israel has been manipulating Chavez coverage... I have a personal interest in this story. When I worked in Caracas, Stratfor started calling for info... GO READ IT.

The Guardian: A demonstration in Bolivia's capital La Paz turns violent as disabled protesters clash with police after marching more than 1,000 miles for higher disability allowances.
Cambio {Editorial}: A mobilization of disabled people was infiltrated by people from political sectors. The mobilization of people with disabilities (the disabled), who arrived in the city of La Paz, was "contaminated" with the presence of infiltrators of political groups who committed at least six actions that can be typified in both the Criminal Code as in the Civil Code. All these people are adults, therefore, under the Civil Code, are of legal capacity and responsible for their behavior. According to the legal system only minors can be declared incapable (with some exceptions) declared the injunctions.

MercoPress: Spain's Repsol and China's Sinopec have made an oil discovery offshore Brazil that could be one of the biggest so far in the area and that boosted confidence that across in Africa, Angola's deepwater reserves may be abundant too

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