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Still no success. Found this instead:

"Ringhals order var tydliga: ingen får veta om säkerhetsriskerna" | Debatt | svt.se "Ringhals orders were clear: no one may know about the security risks" | Debate | svt.se
KÄRNKRAFT Kvällens Uppdrag Granskning (8/2) visar på allvarliga säkerhetsbrister och lögner för att hålla skenet uppe om den "säkra" svenska kärnkraften. Jag jobbade själv på Ringhals som säkerhetsvakt för ett tiotal år sedan och känner igen mycket av det som Uppdrag Granskning fått fram. Allvarliga tillbud, som vi rapporterade till bolaget överlämnades aldrig till högre instanser eller till polis. Det kunde handla om alkoholförtäring, vapeninförsel eller spioneri, bolagets praxis var tydlig. Locket på. Det skriver tidigare säkerhetsvakten på Ringhals Roger Windahl.NUCLEAR Tonight's Uppdrag Granskning (8/2) showing serious safety and lies to keep up appearances on the "safe" Swedish nuclear power. I worked myself at Ringhals as a security guard for about ten years ago and recognize much of what Uppdrag Granskning have determined. Serious incidents, that we reported to the company was never passed on to higher authorities or the police. It could be alcohol, weapons or espionage, the company's practice was evident. The lid must stay on. This was written by former security guard at Ringhals Roger Windahl.


Checking Vattenfall's homepage, no it isn't: only the three other reactors at Ringhals are up and running.

Ah, then its down again. In one of the many articles I browsed it was mentioned that it had started (jan/feb) after the long downtime.

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by A swedish kind of death on Mon Apr 2nd, 2012 at 02:33:04 PM EST
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