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Turner prize shortlist welcomes Nobson and Spartacus, via voting hell | Art and design | guardian.co.uk

There are several things noteworthy about performance artist Spartacus Chetwynd: she renamed herself after the gladiator partly to annoy people, she claims to live and work in a south-London nudist colony, she once reinvented Jabba the Hutt as a smooth-talking ladies' man and as of today she is one of four people shortlisted for this year's Turner prize.

Chetwynd, who stages humourous and thought-provoking pieces of what could be called hallucinatory folk theatre, joins two film-makers - Elizabeth Price and Luke Fowler - and Paul Noble who has spent the last 16 years on an elaborate technical drawing project based around a fictional metropolis called Nobson Newtown.

The four artists are on the list for the 28th year of the £40,000 prize (the winner receives £25,000) which returns to London following last year's trip to Gateshead, where it prompted record crowds at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

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