Welcome to the new version of European Tribune. It's just a new layout, so everything should work as before - please report bugs here.
The gray background box on the top right contains a link to this page, but with the pre.eurotrib.com FQDN:


instead of:

TribExt doesn't work there and when you click on the Home link (not the bouncing box), you get to an  "pre.eurotrib.com" version of the site, something like an alternate reality Eurotrib....

I like that the indentation is smaller: that will allow to better follow long comment threads who tend to crowd on the right hand side.

Any way to get rid of the two gray bars on each side? Or adjust their sizes? I have an old 4:3 monitor and this is taking a good chunk of usable area. The diaries and the comment are squeezed into barely 60% of the (admittedly limited) screen width.

(Waddya mean, get yourself a real monitor?  :-)

by Bernard on Tue Jan 15th, 2013 at 05:34:10 PM EST

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