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En 2012, Michèle Tribalat a estimé, à partir de l'enquête Trajectoires et origines réalisée par l'INED et l'INSEE en 2008, à 4 millions le nombre de musulmans déclarés (soit 6,8 % de la population de France métropolitaine) et à 4,8 millions le nombre de personnes dont au moins un parent est musulman, soit respectivement 34 % et 41 % de l'ensemble de la population d'origine étrangère (sur deux générations uniquement). Quant aux naissances, toujours d'après l'enquête Trajectoires et origines, pour les enfants nés en 2006-2008, un peu moins de 20 % d'entre eux auraient au moins un parent musulman[93].In 2012, Michele Tribalat was estimated from the survey Trajectories and origins conducted by INED and INSEE in 2008, 4 million the number of Muslims reported (6.8% of the population of metropolitan France ) and 4.8 million the number of people with at least one parent is a Muslim, or 34% and 41% of the total foreign-born population (over two generations only). As for births, still according to the survey Trajectories and origins, a little less than 20% of children born in 2006-2008 have at least one Muslim parent [ 93] .
Les musulmans sont en moyenne plus jeunes et environ la moitié des musulmans de France ont moins de 24 ans. Selon Justin Vaïsse, à Paris, les musulmans représentent un tiers des jeunes de moins de 24 ans. Les villes françaises ou vivent le plus grand nombre de musulmans sont Roubaix, dans la banlieue de Lille (50 % de la population), Marseille (25 %), Besançon (13 %)[94], Paris (10 à 15 %) et Lyon (8 à 12 %)[95]. Ces jeunes d'ascendance musulmane se déclaraient en 1992, à 30 % sans religion (si les deux parents étaient Algériens), voire à 60 % (si un parent seulement était Algérien)[96].Muslims are on average younger and about half of Muslims in France are less than 24 years. According Justin Vaïsse , in Paris, Muslims represent a third of young people under 24 years old. French cities which are home to the largest number of Muslims are Roubaix, in the suburbs of Lille (50% of the population), Marseille (25%), Besançon (13%) [ 94] , Paris (10 to 15%) and Lyon (8 to 12%) [ 95 ] . Young people of Muslim ancestry reported themselves in 1992, 30% no religion (if both parents were Algerians) or 60% (if only one parent was Algerian) [ 96] .

If your point is that the number of Muslims in France, or in Europe, is negligible, that's clearly not the case. They are a significant group, and a growing one, because of differential demographics. That's not a bad thing, but it's a fact. Depending on where one lives, their presence may be invisible, or not. The idea of a separate-but-equal social status, which seems to be the thrust of your argument, hasn't worked out well anywhere, as far as I know. We need to sort out common standards for living together.

It is rightly acknowledged that people of faith have no monopoly of virtue - Queen Elizabeth II

by eurogreen on Tue Jan 8th, 2013 at 10:50:27 AM EST
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