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Yasser Salihee Reporter Murdered :: Story He Died For

by Oui Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 05:12:04 AM EST

Tuesday, 5 July 2005, 10:54 am

Article: Scoop Link New Zealand

Scoop Editor's Note: Thanks to the alert reader who brought these two items to our attention. The first item recounts the June 24th shooting by a U.S. army sniper of a reporter working for the Knight Ridder news service. The second item is an investigative report under the dead reporter's byline, it relates an account of the reporter's inquiries into the mysterious deaths of a large number of Iraqi's, allegedly first detained by Iraqi police forces prior to being found murdered.

      Dr. Yasser Salihee, Translator and Friend

Yasser Salihee (4.00 / 6)

Thanks. Your comments mean alot. There has been a number of police actions directed at Sunni clerics that I probably could have reviewed, but this is the first piece that really felt like Negroponte's Honduran fingerprints were all over it.

by Hal C on Tue Jun 28th, 2005 at 05:49:35 AM PST

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July 2, 2005 · My longtime translator in Iraq, Yasser Salihee, was killed at a checkpoint last Friday, June 24. He was also one of my dearest friends in the country, who would always say, "Let me know when you are coming. I want mine to be the first face you see." He knew the brutal face of Iraq was all too present.

More and more, we are recognizing that it is Iraqis who are taking the greatest risks in the fact-finding business. It is they who go to bomb blast sites, they who talk to insurgents, they who go home late at night after we are safe in our barricaded compounds. At the time of his death, Yasser had been doing byline pieces as a special correspondent for Knight Ridder News Service. I last saw him just over a month ago, as he dropped off pictures for me of his family before I left Baghdad.

BAGHDAD, Iraq June 29, 2005 -- Yasser Salihee, an Iraqi special correspondent for Knight Ridder, was shot to death in Baghdad last Friday. The shot appears to have been fired by a U.S. military sniper, though there were Iraqi soldiers in the area who also may have been shooting at the time.

Salihee, 30, had the day off and was driving alone near his home in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Amariyah when a single bullet pierced his windshield and then his skull. He was shot as his car neared a joint patrol of American and Iraqi troops who'd stopped to search a building for snipers. American and Iraqi soldiers are frequently targeted by suicide car bombers.

The U.S. Army is investigating the incident.

U.S. Humvees blocked three of the entry points to the intersection that Salihee was approaching. The one he was driving toward was manned by Iraqi and American soldiers on foot. It's unclear how well he could have seen those troops, and whether they were standing in the road and waving motorists away, or taking cover by the side of the road in case of sniper attack.

They Don't Shoot Reporters, Do They?

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Without Eve

"Collateral" Damage will sink US adventures in Iraq - Mesopotamia

US Marines accused of murder ◊ Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie

... & Afghanistan.

Afghan Adventure - Two Missing US Soldiers Are Dead  ◊  by susanhu


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by Oui on Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 06:22:56 AM EST
July 5, 2005 -- Members gather at McP's to recall those killed in Afghanistan plane crash -- the worst one-day toll in the elite Navy group's history. McP's, a block from the landmark Hotel del Coronado, is a short drive from the SEALs' base, one of two in the United States.

By Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer (Reg req'rd)

CORONADO -- The music was loud and the beer was flowing, but there was an undercurrent of sadness this weekend at McP's, a legendary hangout for Navy SEALs.

One of the U.S. military smallest and most secretive combat units, the SEALs had just suffered the worst one-day death toll in the group's history. Eight SEALs were killed last week in the crash of a Chinook helicopter in the mountains of Afghanistan while on a rescue mission. But the news may get worse.

"The entire SEAL community is devastated," said a SEAL who, true to SEAL secrecy, would only give his name as David. "It's devastating, but it's also humbling. It shows you how dangerous this job is." The SEALs killed in the Chinook crash were from squads based in Virginia Beach, Va., and Pearl Harbor.

The SEAL unit was formed in 1963 at the urging of President John F. Kennedy. Until last week's helicopter crash killed eight SEALs and eight Army soldiers, the largest loss of life among the Navy commandos was during the Vietnam War, when five SEALs were killed in a helicopter crash.

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by Oui on Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 05:31:56 PM EST
Der Spiegel On-line June 6, 2005-- The Bin Laden family disowned black sheep Osama in 1994. But have they really broken with the mega-terrorist? Recently revealed classified documents seem to suggest otherwise. Osama's violent career has been made possible in part by the generosity of his family -- and by his contacts with the Saudi royals.

In early spring 2002, American intelligence agents tipped off authorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina that something wasn't quite right with the "Benevolence International Foundation." Their reaction was swift, special forces stormed eight offices of the Islamic foundation in Sarajevo and in Zenica. They found weapons and explosives, videos and flyers calling for holy war. More importantly, however, they discovered a computer with a mysterious file entitled "Tarich Osama" -- Arabic for "Osama's Story".  

AP - Al-Qaida has supporters the world over.

AFP - Despite a worldwide manhunt and an assault on Tora Bora
in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden has managed to evade capture.

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by Oui on Tue Jul 5th, 2005 at 05:33:42 PM EST
in Kunar Province, a mountainous region of Afghanistan near Pakistan border.

US Navy Seals in Afghanistan

BBC Radio reported a few minutes ago from correspondent in Afghanistan.

  • Taliban claim to have killed US commando in Afghanistan: report
  • Al Jazeera ◊ Taliban: we killed missing commando

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  • by Oui on Sat Jul 9th, 2005 at 06:39:45 AM EST
    BBC - just minutes ago ...

    10 Missing Afghan Soldiers All Found Beheaded

    HELMAND July 10, 2005 -- Suspected Taliban gunmen ambushed a border patrol in the desert near the frontier with Pakistan, killing 10 Afghan soldiers and beheading them all, a provincial governor said Sunday.

    The victims were part of a 25-member patrol in southern Helmand province that was attacked late Saturday by militants driving four four-wheel-drive pickups, said provincial Gov. Sher Mohammed Aghunzada. "The Taliban cut the heads off all the soldiers who were killed," he said. Aghunzada said the dead soldiers' bodies had been recovered.

    The news comes a day after a purported Taliban spokesman, Mullah Latif Hakimi, claimed that the rebels had beheaded a U.S. Navy SEAL commando missing since June 28 in mountains in eastern Kunar province, also near the border with Pakistan.

    BBC - Afghanistan Enduring ... and enduring ...

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    by Oui on Sun Jul 10th, 2005 at 03:33:02 AM EST

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