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Democracy Technology

by gmoke Tue Jan 24th, 2012 at 11:26:23 PM EST

A Facebook group called Upgrade Democracy (http://www.facebook.com/groups/upgradedemocracy) is collecting a list of

teams/organizations working on technology-powered solutions to the systemic problems of governance/group decision-making.

They want help in expanding the list but

Please don't add projects that simply use technology to slightly enhance our current political system (e.g. electronic petitions). We're upgrading the democratic operating system, not tweaking the interface. ;)


Teams / Organizations Working to Upgrade Democracy
By Frank Grove, Ben Woosley and 5 others in Upgrade Democracy Community

Circle Voting http://www.circlevoting.com
CodeForAmerica http://codeforamerica.org/
Deliberative Democracy (Stanford) http://cdd.stanford.edu/
DemDash http://demdash.us/
DemocracyLab http://democracylab.org/
Dynamic Democracy (US) http://upgradedemocracy.org
HackDemocracy http://hackdemocracy.org
Hypothes.is http://hypothes.is/
LayerVote http://layervote.com/
Open Assembly http://openassembly.org
Personal Democracy Forum http://personaldemocracy.com/
Participant Labs http://participantlabs.com/
ReFrameIt http://reframeit.com/
Seasteading Institute http://seasteading.org
TwoSides http://www.twosides.co/
Village Votes http://villagevotes.com/wiki/Village_Votes
VoteReports http://votereports.org/
VoteSF http://votesf.com/
Wecision http://wecision.com/


1Party4All (UK) http://www.1party4all.co.uk/
Adhocracy (Germany) http://adhocracy.de/instance
AmericansElect http://www.americanselect.org/
Ballotpedia http://ballotpedia.org
BetterMeans http://bettermeans.org/
Candiwiki http://doku.candiwi.org/articles/view/About%20candiwi
Center for Democracy & Technology http://cdt.org/
Citizens in Charge http://www.citizensincharge.org/
CivicCommons http://civiccommons.org/
Crowdvote http://www.crowdvote.org/
Debate Graph http://debategraph.org/
Deliberatorium http://cci.mit.edu/research/deliberatorium.html
DemoEx (UK & Sweden) http://demoex.org/
Digital Democracy (US) http://digital-democracy.org/
Digital Democracy (UK) http://digitaldemocracy.org.uk/
Direct Representation http://www.directrep.org/
Dynamic Alignment http://lifeblooddesign.com/content/dynamic-alignment-collaborative-decision-making-tool
Dynamic Democracy (UK) http://www.dynamicdemocracy.org.uk/
EveryBlock http://everyblock.com
FairVote http://www.fairvote.org/
GenerallyAssembled http://generallyassembled.com/
Hyperarchy https:/hyperarchy.com
Ideal Government http://idealgovernment.com/
International Open Source Party http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_160543237334630&ap=1
Jolitics http://jolitics.com
Journal of eDemocracy & Open Government http://www.jedem.org/
LittleSis http://littlesis.org/
Liquid Democracy http://liqd.net/en
Localocracy http://www.localocracy.com/
Metagovernment Project http://www.metagovernment.org/wiki/Main_Page
Modern Ballots http://modernballots.com/
Moxy Vote http://www.moxyvote.com/
newDemocracy http://www.newdemocracy.com.au/
Occupy Assembly http://occupyassembly.org/
Online Democracy http://onlinedemocracy.sairmais.com/
Open Democracy http://opendemocracy.wikidot.com/
Open Source Democracy Foundation http://theosdf.org/
OpenGovernment http://opengovernment.org/
OpenPlans http://openplans.org/
OpenTheGovernment http://www.openthegovernment.org/
Opinion Space http://www.state.gov/opinionspace/
Participatory Politics Foundation http://www.participatorypolitics.org/
Participedia http://participedia.net/wiki/Welcome_to_Participedia
Party X http://partyx.com/
PieTrust http://www.pietrust.com/
Planetary I/O http://plntry.net/
PolicyTree http://www.policytree.org/
PopVox https:
Porto Alegre (city in Brazil)http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/South_America/Democracy_PortoAlegre.html
Program on Networked Governance (Harvard) http://www.hks.harvard.edu/netgov/html/index.htm
Project Vote Smart http://votesmart.org
Propongo http://propongo.tomalaplaza.net/
ReWired State (UK) http://rewiredstate.org/
SeeClickFix http://seeclickfix.com
Sociocracy http://www.sociocracy.info/
SmartVote (switzerland) http://www.smartvote.ch
TurboVote http://www.turbovote.org
Virtual Parliamant (UK) http://www.virtualparliament.org.uk/policy/
Vote For Policies (UK) http://voteforpolicies.org.uk/
Votizen http://votizen.com
Votocracy http://votocracy.com/
Votorola http://zelea.com/project/votorola/home.xht
YourFreedom (UK) http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/

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. not yes 0%
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. neither yes nor no 0%
. both yes and no 0%
. don't understand the question? 0%
. none of the above 0%

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The Archdruid Report says the age of machines is coming to an end. Democracy, as a social machine, appears to be one of the first technologies to falter under economic (or broader) decline pressures.
by das monde on Tue Feb 7th, 2012 at 12:39:24 AM EST

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