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McCarthyism In Support of a NWO

by Oui 09/09/2022 11:53:08 AM EST

So the US has been in a hot hybrid war with Russia ... waiting for accidents to happen.   In the sixties studying at a university in de States, I was taught the Cold War was actually an economic war between the West and the Soviet Bloc ... it still is today for supremacy of fossil fuels and hegemony to lay out a global "New World Order" with leadership by Washington DC. Exceptionalism. Empires often deteriorated from within ... most hopeful to create a more peaceful world where priority is not economic growth and stash of wealth, but care for people, nature and the habitat needed for human survival.

The United States will fail to censor the world community ... in the digital age the US has most levers and assets to exhibit a 1984 full control of thought. Yet the US is not that mighty as it might believe. Their world is not that of the Europeans, South America, Africa or Eurasia or the Far East.

I came across an article written by Alistair Crooke ...

America's Wars Take on a Divisive Edge

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Trump Meets Putin [Updated]

by Oui 07/16/2018 02:41:49 PM EST

Pundits have gone into a frenzy for days, weeks ...

Democrats called for the summit to be canceled ...

Putin should first send the 12 GRU hackers to stand trial in the US based on a Grand Jury decision ...

Putin stole the election to benefit Trump ...

More to follow as press conference is about to start ...

Front paged by Frank Schnittger with minor edit

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International Coalition to Defeat Democrats and Hillary in 2016

by Oui 07/09/2018 01:10:27 AM EST

During the past two years, I have written many diaries on all topics listed below. There was an overwhelming opposition to a liberal, progressive agenda. The Conservatives have built their alliance over decades from the 1964 loss of Barry Goldwater, the Reagan years and the "dreadful" Clinton years. In the election campaign of 2016 all those forces came together with all their might with a Trump presidency as a result. Special attention for Netanyahu and Israel. Their collusion remains for some in the shadow, for me it's as clear as blue skies: Netanyahu got his revenge on the Obama administration and the JCPOA deal with Iran. You will hear more about the "former" Mossad agents in the Black Cube intelligence enterprise. All attention of the Trump team has been to reward Israel for its support in getting him elected. Busy job for Jared Kushner and his corrupt financial backers with Israeli citizenship.

More below the fold ...

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Allegation Arron Banks as a Russian Stooge - Propaganda

by Oui 06/11/2018 02:00:04 PM EST

[The diary in full has been posted earlier @BooMan and is more fitting for American politics - some parts do cross the pond for your interest - Oui]

Nothing new under the sun, a concerted force behind a renewed surge of McCarthyism that hit America under the Bush, Obama administrations and firmly established itself under progressives [?] after the Clinton loss in 2016 - Putin did it. As it rumbles on, the Amerian Red States population are riding high with their Hollywood candidate of the extreme right-wing of conservative policy. The Brexit vote in the UK was initiated by the Tory Conservatives. The Tory Conservatives have a strong allegiance to Israel and the Middle East. The Tory Conservatives founded Cambridge Analytica and formed an alliance with Mark Zuckerberg''s Facebook to tilt the American vote by some 15 percentage points towards candidate Donald Trump.

Europe is facing up to a New America under Trump as was displayed at the G6 plus 1 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec.

The G7 summit looked like it was going okay. Then Trump got mad on Twitter.
Mis-Chief In the White House - A Debacle
'Special place in hell': Trump advisers blast Trudeau for comments at G7 summit

The irony of it all, seeking to blame America's deep structured faults on foreign agents ... as old as the battles in Greece before Western "civilization" took root. The rot is from within as history shows when the empire fails. It will take decades, if not beyond the "New American Century."

More below the fold ...

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US Amb Grenell Worse Than President Putin

by Oui 06/06/2018 08:21:52 AM EST

It's the United States of America that's been devisive over the past decades to harm peace in the world. A clear view, one of many signs in the past, was clearly stated by new US Ambassador Grenell to Germany. I do hope the shitstorm doesn't subside and European leaders will stand-up for ethics, morals and show some spine to the one moronic superpower in the world aiming to destroy the planet. Ooops, our slimeball PM Rutte will visit Herr Trumpf in the White House to receive gratitude for a continued PR pressure on Russia and Putin as only Bill Browder could do better. An Oscar nomination anyone?

Dutch elections: Prime minister Mark Rutte calls for a 'stand against Geert Wilders' populism' as Netherlands goes to the polls
Mark Rutte before the election: Leave if you don't like it here

How did Rutte manage? By positioning his VVD party platform as close as possible to Geert Wilders' PVV on immigration and radical Islam. A true wolf in sheep's clothing. To let the conservative agenda in Dutch politics prevail. Rutte is a close ally of Theresa May and the U.S. President with whatever name on the mailbox 1000 Pennsylvania Avenue.

More below the fold ...

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#HimToo - Iran Deal Scrapped [Update]

by Oui 05/08/2018 07:34:31 PM EST

From the Wall Street Journal, Murdock's mouthpiece ... h/t gk @EuroTrib

Israeli Mossad and Black Cube

ExxonMobil's AG Claims Are Dismissed -- What a Shock!

Posted on March 30th, 2018 by Seth Jaffe   

Yesterday, Judge Valerie Caproni dismissed claims brought by ExxonMobil against New York Attorney General Schneiderman and Massachusetts Attorney General Healey.  Boiled down to their essence, ExxonMobil's claims were that investigations by Schneiderman and Healey into the possibility that ExxonMobil had committed fraud by misleading investors regarding the risks that climate change poses to ExxonMobil's business were politically motivated and in bad faith.

Did family members of Eric Schneidrman reply to emails from representatives of Black Cube?

I suppose Harvey Weinstein would know!

Black Cube a Mossad style business intelligence co

As I have stated before ... Trump & Co hand-in -glove with Netanyahu's Jewish State of Israel ... successfully applied the decoy of "Look at Russia, Putin did it!"  Check out Cambridge Analytica ...

Continued below the fold ...

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Cambridge Analytica Used 'Weapons-grade' Communications

by Oui 04/17/2018 07:29:31 PM EST

Related to Nazi Style Propaganda

Of course the United States sees Russia as the evil empire and our artificial enemy ... Putin did it! No, not Comey .... HRC says he is just an idiot, Podesta says he is a honest idiot. Comey did change the outcome of the US Presidential Election. No, I won't enrich him by reading his narcissist story ... a self-serving book of fake news.

Interesting how once again the UAE is related to SCL, the parent of Cambridge Analytica. The new alliance of Middle East opposition powers: US - Israel - UAE - Bahrein - Saudi Kingdom. All the Gulf States minus Qatar of Muslim Brotherhood "terror".

Once again the Jewish group of billionaires supported Bibi Netanyahu and helped defeat HRC for US President.

Cambridge Analytica and SCL - how I peered inside the propaganda machine | The Conversation |

Dark arts and cream teas

For more than a decade, I've conducted interviews with government personnel and key contractors, including SCL, working in a very secretive area as part of my research on UK and US propaganda during conflicts. I gained access slowly at first, gradually winning confidence through introductions once I had a few contacts in this tight-knit and suspicious field.

In my 2015 book, I explored how a romanticised British military reputation that strives to win over the "hearts and minds" of the public overlays a mythologised notoriety for the "dark arts" of information warfare. This myth helped Britain to extend a perception of expertise and inflate its importance among Americans during the "war on terror" conflicts. The so-called "special relationship" between the two countries and perceptions of "British expertise" in propaganda aided me in gaining access to research interviews in the US.

More below the fold ...

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Steve Bannon on Cambridge Analytica - SCL Group

by Oui 03/23/2018 01:41:18 PM EST

Steve Bannon on Cambridge Analytica: 'Facebook data is for sale all over the world' | The Guardian |

Besides, he said, "Facebook data is for sale all over the world".

Bannon - Donald Trump's former chief strategist - later said outside the conference room that he "did not remember" being part of any scheme to buy data that came from Facebook and divert it to use for election propaganda, as the Observer revealed last weekend.

He blamed any "dirty tricks" on Cambridge Analytica's parent company, SCL Group, which he described as "the British guys, old Etonians and guys from Oxford and Cambridge".

More below the fold ...

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Brexit Proxy War

by Oui 02/12/2018 10:06:11 AM EST

The parallels were clear from the outset, the players behind the scene were covert ...

  •  Pro-Brexit the conservatives/alt-right/Republicans/social-media influence via Cambridge Analytica
  •  Pro-EU Remain camp the neo-liberals/new Labor/Democrats/OSF Soros via Best for Britain

The US Presidential election, just a big surprise win for Donald Trump, supported by ...

  •  UK conservatives/alt-right/Tea Party Republicans/social-media influence via Cambridge Analytica

George Soros raises donation to anti-Brexit Best for Britain group | The Guardian |
George Soros defends £400,000 donation to pro-EU campaign | The Telegraph |

    "To make matters worse, the divorce process will preoccupy both Britain and Europe for years ahead, when they should be uniting to resist external enemies like Putin's Russia and resolve the internal contradictions that made some people regard the EU as their enemy."

Soros as Clinton backer lost on both fronts ...

NATO and Soros Crossed Russia's Red Line in Europe

My earlier diary on topic ...

Brexit: 'Putin Did It'
After Brexit: Transatlantic Opportunity for Europe's Neutrality

And of course Tony Blair getting funded to Remain! Whatever, so long the money is good.

Kcurie and polonium

by kcurie 11/25/2006 10:23:16 AM EST

I know I know.. I owe you a diary about my computer world. You may know that my computer at work still does not work properly.. yeah... lucky I have my laptop.. It will be hilarious..

I also know that I must do a diary about transport of goods in Spain and the Spanish dependence on oil... to  start-up the public communications campaign in Spain about it (well at least some kind of draft we will be able to send around.. and pass around).. I google it on my free time. Promise.

But today it is time for something completely different. We and polonium...

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