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Indeed Bryan Benn, at the end of the page I linked at the end of my post, publishes cab photos of another 180 km/h run in 1995.

The former East German test locomotive 18 201, just like the 05 002, has giant driving wheels 2300 mm (= 7 ft 6.55 in = 90.55 in) in diameter, vs. the 2000 mm norm of other German (or French) express steam locomotives.

The Mallard, too, had wheels of just 2032 mm (= 6 ft 8 in = 80 in) - like most other British or American fast steamers -, while both the class A and F7 "Hiawathas" (and the PRR S1) had 2133.6 mm (= 7 ft = 84 in) wheels.

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