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How do you document that American poverty is, for example worse than Europe's?  It's likely, IMHO, worse on a relative scale (comparing income distribution in the country), but is it on an absolute scale?  Are the poor in America poorer than the poor in France?  We all have our intuitive feel, but that doesn't get us anywhere.

Ah, read the diary that started it all.  You'd never know from the dearth of comments (sorry Canberra Boy), but this is the diary whose information was absorbed and, once the reeling died down, the blowback has been felt in many a thread since.

Un says parts of US as poor as 3rd world by Canberra Boy

In it, he links to the UN report and the summary in the Independent.  Some choice nuggets:

US infant mortality rates are on the rise, currently the same as in Malaysia

Blacks in Washington DC have a higher infant death rate than people in the Indian state of Kerala

Child poverty rates are now more than 20 percent

I probably should've linked to this sooner for those not following every single thread.  Apologies.

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