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Shirah at Unbossed did a good post on changes in data collection in the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Better That You Not Know

"The Bureau of Labor Statistics is probably not on your regular internet browsing schedule. Though it is worth a look now and then for the comprehensive data it collects and makes available free of charge to anyone. You can even construct your own charts.

But the BLS has decided that there are things it is better that we not know. It has announced plans to stop collecting some data and start collecting other data


Here are the planned changes, all of which the BLS says are improvements.

BLS pans to discontinue collecting data on:

  1. what women workers are paid, because, it says, there is little interest in this issue.

  2. what hours "Production or nonsupervisory worker" work and what they are paid.

Here is an example of a ccurrent BLS report on women's and men's wages.

BLS also says it needs to stop collecting this data so it has the money to collect other data. Here are the new data it intends to collect:

  1. New data on the hours and regular earnings of all employees. All means that the data will include data from the most highly paid CEOs.

  2. New data on total earnings - both regular and irregular pay - for all employees.

If you look at this report, you will see why this is a problem. The report focuses on average earnings and uses them to assess how the economy is doing:"

There are links to everything in the original.

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