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I think I agree with this statement.  But we might not agree with how many people are in this group.  For example, I don't think you'll find the family of four with income of $19,300 living in Kirksville, Missoouri, Springfield, Illinois, Henderson ,North Carolina, Mountain Home, Arkansas would be living in the condition of "that dying of starvation, exposure, or lack of medical treatment".  There are lots of people living well below that amount of money, with happy productive lives.  now I don't see how it's done in NY or San Fran.

another example is retirees who live on social security, own their own condo or homes, and have some income off of savings.  they don't meet your definition, and aren't in 3rd world poverty, but their likely under the poverty level in the US.

I've heard some of the military is on food stamps, which I think is atrocious by the way.  those people should be paid much better.  but they are included in the poverty figures (I assume) and they are not dying of starvation, exposure or lack of medical treatment.

so I agree there are people that are like 3rd world poor, and we should take steps to better care for them.  but they are not in the 12--20% of the population that are batted around--saying that many people are "dying of starvation, exposure, or lack of medical treatment".  I would guess at least 50% of my friends and colleagues just tune someone out that makes such a statement--it's an educated and worldly group that travels and has seen 3rd world poverty, but not particularly rich so they don't know what is going on in our country.  

and I would also like to raise the level of incomes at the lower ends--have more opportunity for kids down there.  we should have an estate tax.  we should have great 1--16 schooling.  I would like a combination of our healthcare system with the European model--I think there is a better syhstem for both, taking the best from each.  I just think we undermine our positions with our rhetoric sometimes.

by wchurchill on Fri Oct 14th, 2005 at 10:24:33 PM EST
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