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The problem as I see it -- that I've been having -- is I merely say there are indeed people in the US living under these dreadful conditions.  That it's not an insignificant number.  That we ignore it.  Very simple statements of fact, which have been established.

And then people drag in the statistics and say it's relative or we need some perspective.

well I agree with this.  and know many people that agree with this.  many of them get interested in one aspect of the problem, and try to tackle it in many ways.  some by working with local charity groups focused on an aspect of what you are describing.  some that give money to groups that are workiing on one aspect of the poor and underprivleged, etc., etc.  there are lots of ways to help--but I think the most satisfying are those where you can  contribute and see that you make an impact.  this usually means your local community.

but I don't think I've been misinterpretting the arguments on this site--comparing absolute to relative poverty across countries is not an issue that really addresses the people that you are talking about.  it's about comparing the bottom quintile of incomes, one to another, and arguing that this European social system is better than the Anglo/Saxon system, and the same for the middle class.  At least that's very definitely the strong impression I've gotten from the dialogues.

I can see you have a big heart, and are very caring.  But even Mother Theresa didn't try to take on everything you're talking about.  IMHO, at an individual level, it just requires some focus in places where you can do some good.  But there are tons of people and $$ aimed at so many areas you have listed--AIDS victims, suicide programs, Katrina and hurricane victims, cities like Chicago addressing issues on utility bills and issues for the elderly.  Some of the other areas could use committed people like you.  

I don't want to drift off subject, nor pretend to give you advice about what to do--I'm sure you know this area much better than I.

by wchurchill on Sat Oct 15th, 2005 at 01:51:00 AM EST
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