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you take my comment pejoratively, and I didn't intend it that way.  I was simply trying to say to Izzy that I didn't think the stats we had would really pick up the groups she was talking about.

yes I definitely believe in stats.  and will try to remember your comments on future posts regarding providing more data--though I don't think I'm totally guilty here.  I do a fair amount of research before most of my posts (not all,,,ahem).

Actually as I've said before, I love many aspects of Europe--the life style is great.  If I were world dictator, I would combine aspects of both systems, and maybe get the best of both worlds.

And perhaps on your 3rd and 4th dotpoints, maybe there is a little defenseness on both sides of the pond--each side interpretting a statement as more of an attack than was intended?

(BTW, and only answer if this is simple for you, how do you get those dot points in your post?)

by wchurchill on Sat Oct 15th, 2005 at 05:47:58 PM EST
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