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Indeed it changes from country from country. Off the top of my head, I recall a story about the British system - where Bliar introduced tuition fees, with exemptions ostensibly a vehicle for more equal education, but the opposite happened. (Maybe I can look it up in the evening.)

When I was in West Germany, as far as I remember, parents' income didn't really matter at secondary school level - except for some taunting by peers (for wearing non-trendy clothes, or for being a peasant's child). Being staffed out by the state, I think there were no regional differences either (no parent wanted to take out any of my classmates, nor have those whose family moved recounted a very different school they visited before).

In Hungary, my experience was from before and shortly after the regime change (don't yet have children myself), so I don't know - but it probably changed for the worse both on the equal quality and equal opportunity front.

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by DoDo on Wed Oct 12th, 2005 at 07:04:57 AM EST
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