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So this is a pretty interesting topic, I guess!

It seems to me that what is needed is some statistics about the situation for the lowest income 10% of the population for various countries. But before searching under Internet rocks for this, we must agree whether it is fair to use examples from countries that have only recently joined the EU. One might argue that only countries like France and Belgium may be used because there are special circumstances for Germanty (reunification), Britain (Anglo-Saxon), Spain (recovery from Franco), Italy (not sure what the special circumstance would be), or Greece...

And a very enthusiastic American might claim that there are special circumstances for some areas in this country, too. NYC has a lot of partially-integrated immigrants. The South has a distorted economy due to racism. Florida has too many retirees and European tourists. Only Minnesota truly represents the American system! <-- JOKE, for the humor-impaired.

So, what countries are on the list?

by asdf on Wed Oct 12th, 2005 at 09:34:58 AM EST

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