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Ignoring entitlements - i.e. SS and Medicare seems a bit unfair. Plus America is a federal system where a large chunk of public sector expenditures come from local and state governments, in particular pretty much all education spending and a good deal of health care. Public  health care spending for example is overall much larger than defense, yet on that graph it is virtually non existent. Education spending is also larger than defense. The latest comprehensive figures I could find were $373 billion for 1999-2000 not counting higher education spending. I'm sure that has increased significantly in the past five years in nominal terms and again, it doesn't include higher education. Public sector health care spending in the US is about 7% of GDP, again something you  don't see on that graph. In general the US  governments spend a lot on health care with pathetic results and a lot on education with very mixed results for K-12.
by MarekNYC on Wed Oct 12th, 2005 at 04:06:34 PM EST
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