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What is this a true picture of?  If I were to draw up a graph of any country's spending and exclude health care, education, and pensions it would 'show' some rather strange priorities.  Or I could just draw a graph of non-federal public sector spending in the US and it would  indicate a 'true' picture of an America that spends virtually nothing on its military.  

The true picture is that America does spend significantly more on defense than most developped countries - about twice as much. It also spends quite a bit on health care but its people get a very poor return on that spending while private sector health care does very well out of it. I have no idea how education spending compares across countries.

As for what AEI or the WSJ do - well it does remind me of that study 'showing' that people in Mississipi are better of than Swedes. But I'm really not convinced that their quality of arguments about Europe are a model to follow.

by MarekNYC on Wed Oct 12th, 2005 at 11:40:36 PM EST
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