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The point I was trying to make last night, was to distinguish between policies and programs.  Policies, some would say strategies or maybe use another word, lay out the broad objectives of the organization--country, business, or other organization.  They reflect the values of the country or organization.

Programs, and once again other words are sometimes used, are developed to achieve the policies, and the goals that are laid out in the policies.  

These are two very different points.  When you say "The social programs you allude to are, in the US, being thoroughly trashed," you are saying that the programs are not working.  I'm sure there are a number of Americans that would agree with that.  I certainly feel there is significant room for improvement.

But since you seem to be  saying the policies, the intention, of the US is to create poverty, you need to back that up with policy statements from the US government (such as the constitution, or bill of rights, or other policy goals passed by Congress, signed by the President) that lay out poverty as a goal.  I assert that you can't do this because it is not the objective of the US to create poverty for its citizens.

If you want to argue on a program basis, well that is what much of this thread is all about.  How do you document that American poverty is, for example worse than Europe's?  It's likely, IMHO, worse on a relative scale (comparing income distribution in the country), but is it on an absolute scale?  Are the poor in America poorer than the poor in France?  We all have our intuitive feel, but that doesn't get us anywhere.

by wchurchill on Thu Oct 13th, 2005 at 01:31:51 AM EST
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