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Yes, as I said, the VDEW claims of increase are real (even if one component is misinterpreted), and no, they don't hide the "netto" price in fudged numbers: they just hide it altogether. They didn't release it.

They just state in a sentence that they did the calculation, and give a rough brutto/netto ratio.

Maybe the sensationalist "Lie" in the title was what misled you, I shall change it to "Spin".

(I guess they'll release the final numbers in early 2006 all fine, with full details, and a much milder spin - this press release must have had chanchellor-to-be Merkel and her future economy minister as their target, just when they decide on policy.)

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by DoDo on Wed Oct 12th, 2005 at 06:09:45 PM EST
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