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Excellent additions - to which two of my additions :-)

  1. Another point on why prices first went down, to recap: the pre-deregulation regional monopolists (grid+production) have slowly raised prices prior to deregulation (at least for six months, but maybe three years), and then used this extra profit in price wars that eliminated almost all new upstarts. The newcomers were mostly dead by 2001, just when prices started to move up...

  2. I still think the connection to gas prices should be less strong in Germany, because (a) gas there doesn't come from the depleting North Sea, (b) it's still just under 10% of total production. (Gas prices rise there too, but that may be hitch-hiking; one producer was sued successfully by a consumer group to release its price calculations, which they refused even after the court order.) I don't know where to look for German gas price (or any other) data to check correlation, tough. Maybe someone can help out?

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