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I know very little about economy, next to nothing really, so I'll gladly defer to the experts here.

I do know about history though.

What is really bad is the combination of shitty times and profligate consumption at the top.  

The true tyrants (Mao, Brezhnev) understood you have to keep your private Versailles hidden from the hoi polloi or face retribution.

Our mndern-day Marie Antoinettes don't get that.

In the US, the quirk in the zeitgeist seems to be that a poor man watching Donald Trump doesn't dream of becoming Jesse James but of joining Trump, even though he's got 0.00% chance of ever achieving that.

But then, as I said, the US used to be the country of Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Frank Niti and there may be a comeback -- REVENGE OF THE POOR Part 2.

In Europe, at least in France, from what I can tell, reform won't fly unless the rich, especially the nepotistically useless rich (like stock analysts or to quote Douglas Adams telephone sanitizers), are first skinned alive, boiled and hung on lampposts.

The aristocracy's stubborn refusal to relinquish and/or share some of its wealth has always been the seed of bloody revolutions, especially when times are tough.

Madame Defarge may still stage a comeback.

by Lupin on Fri Oct 14th, 2005 at 04:16:58 AM EST

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