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I was not predicting a no growth economy, I have no crystal ball. I was postulating that there will be a need to transition to a no growth economy some time in the future and it is better to get the discussion going before the crunch.

Some stock markets will go up and some down, choosing the right ones is the trick. As for Coca Cola, this has been one of Buffet's failures. His investment has not done well over the past decade. He has made most of his fortune in insurance. He recently made an investment in Annheiser Busch, so he still believes in the consumer sector.

Because of the way investors think, companies are pressured into making business decisions that push the stock price up in the short term. In many cases this is done at the expense of the long term viability of the company. I put the blame for this type of behavior squarely on us. Companies with a steady income and limited growth are not favored. People believe a return of 4% over inflation is not adequate.

Here's my short essay on the topic:

Taking Responsibility

It seems the US (and perhaps parts of Europe) are in for a few rough years as the consequences of the foolish fiscal policies of the present administration unfold. A new administration, with a strong mandate for change may be able to alter things, but this won't happen for years.

Policies not Politics
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