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do you come to Brussels once in a while? Tell me if you do. I could arrange a couple of meetings with some friends of mine,

  • as is David, the president of the European chocolate industries association who might explain you their activities against child slave labour in the Ivory Coast,

  • Jaap, the EU Commission DG FJS administrator for the coordination between the police forces in the EU neighbourhood countries with Europol in The Hague to fight human trafficking and

  • Dirk, who coordinates the EU Commission energy policies in the neighbourhood countries and has a major stake in the strategical planning and implementation of the oil and gas infrastructure networks towards the EU Member States.

  • Jan, who is the general secretary of the European industries which produce juices. Jan can tell you first hand stories about child slave labour in Florida and California and why things got better on the Brazilian plantations.

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by Ritter on Wed Nov 2nd, 2005 at 05:01:26 PM EST
Thanks Ritter. That is a very kind offer. I greatly appreciate it and would love to learn more about your friends' work. Maybe I could correspond at greater length with you through email aden[at]pobox[dot]com

I don't come to Brussels regularly but have been wanting to come back to visit the group I spent some time w/ in Antwerp. They are a very grass roots organization, controversial, and seemed to me to be often on that edge of disappearing. Plus with Vlaams Belang, it is becoming more difficult for them. Still I wouldn't be able to come until next year.

Thanks again

by aden on Thu Nov 3rd, 2005 at 02:31:57 AM EST
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