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My question is about this idea of the "new great game". While an Uzbek or Turkmenistan base is for the war efforts in Afghanistan, and the gas from a particular country may not be going to foreign players, what of this issue of the struggle between Russia, China, Iran, & the US for a presence and influence in the region -which is ultimately because of oil and other natural resources.

I did a search on Uzbek and oil pipelines after your post, there are a lot of big US companies present there -and hiring...

My understanding is that Russia and the US reacted very strongly when Turkmenistan made a pipeline agreement w/ Iran.

My point/ question is not on the specifics of the oil per se -which I am not an expert in, but on how much of a blind eye is required to become involved in these countries? Or what policies that border on complicity are required?

by aden on Thu Nov 3rd, 2005 at 02:51:28 AM EST
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