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A fine article up until this point:

Just this week, WHO officials reported that warmer temperatures and heavy rain in South Asia have led to the worst outbreak of dengue fever there in years. The mosquito-borne illness, which is now beginning to subside, has infected 120,000 South Asians this year and killed at least 1,000, WHO said.

That is pure scaremongering again, which I resent. There's nothing to indicate that the general global warming caused a spell of extended heat in South Asia. If in the next 4 years the same is observed, then we're talking. News journalists constantly mix up weather phenomeneon with climate trends and it's wrong, wrong, wrong. It's too early to draw these conclusions and the reporting here is misleading.

I hope this doesn't sound too harsh anyway, but 150.000 more deaths is a really, really low number. Certainly with the kind of numbers the WHO has to work with to make a statistical analysis like this. Personally, I had expected it at least 5-fold larger.

by Nomad on Sun Nov 20th, 2005 at 05:28:40 AM EST
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