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Big party member scoffing notwithstanding (sorry Ritter :-) ), if you dislike centrism, I think you could try the WASG wing of the forming new Left Party (Linke) too, and the Greens too.

The WASG is in part breakaway SPD, in part altermondialist and other new movements. (Its senior partner in formind Die Linke, the PDS, may be fringe in NRW, but not in the East.) From residual symphaties from my time in Germany (tough not NRW - I was in Hessen) and my high regard for their work in government, I'll put my first recommendation behind the Greens.

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by DoDo on Wed Nov 2nd, 2005 at 02:57:33 PM EST
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DoDo, the Greens are not a left wing party. Not by a long shot. I admit that I go to green party member GPs and dentists. But that has more to do with 'life style' and not politics. And talking about the Greens in Hessen. The last left wing leader of the Greens was Jutta Dittfurth. That was years ago. As you may probably remember she left the party in protest because of Joschka Fischer's realo politics. Do you remember the Krebsmühle project, the big alternative workers co-operative in Oberursel? Well, they hated Dittfurth. And for a good reason. We were then engaged to create new, innovative, self determined and self controlled networks of workers co-operatives. Dittfurth (again: a Protestant predicant's daughter) had studied too much undigested marxist political economy for beginners to understand what we were up to. She still clang to the simplified mechanisms of Engel's postulates in his 'Dialects of Nature' and continued to dream of a final clash of classes. We had no part in it. She didn't see us and subsequently betrayed her party base in Hessen. Dittfurth didn't use the Greens political influence to foster our initiatives. OK, that was then. It's history now. What we witness today is a Greens party which fights for the votes of dentists and other better-off income earners. They compete with the FDP not with left wing parties.

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by Ritter on Wed Nov 2nd, 2005 at 03:31:14 PM EST
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