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Melvin on dKos linked to this: KOSOVO 2002: GUANTANAMO BAY IN THE BALKANS

He was taken inside a building where he was stripped to his underwear and made to stand in a freezing cold room. He was kicked. His money and passport were taken away and the soldiers laughed as they did this. When he fell over, they beat him again and again - "maybe 20 times", according to the account he gave to BHHRG. Then he was told to sit down. A heater was brought and his clothes returned.

After an hour or so, he was handcuffed very tightly and painfully and dragged by the wrists to a helicopter. He was convinced that the soldiers were going to kill him by throwing him out of the helicopter but instead he was flown to Camp Bondsteel, the huge American military base in Kosovo. There he was kept outside in the cold for half an hour. He was then taken inside, finger-printed and told to sign a form outlining the rules and regulations of the camp. He was given orange prison clothes and placed inside a small hut measuring 3 metres square. By this time it was about 10 p.m. Although there was a heater, it did not work and consequently the hut was extremely cold.

Although he begged his American captors to let him go and return to his family, the man was to be kept in Camp Bondsteel for 38 days. Only after 6 days was he allowed to phone his family. He was interrogated 20 or 30 times during his incarceration. On one occasion, the interrogation occurred at 4 o'clock in the morning. Every night, he was woken every fifteen minutes and then every hour. Torches were shone into his eyes to make sure that he was awake, or the door slammed in order to disturb him.

During the interrogation, a number of false allegations and accusations were made. This had a profound psychological impact on the captive, who told BHHRG, "It destroyed me". He begged not to be kept in solitary confinement. After 4 days, a letter was brought accusing him of complicity in the attack on the USS Cole and saying that he would be detained for 30 days. He was made to sign this form. Later, however, his captors returned and asked for his signed copy back. 10 days later they brought a different letter saying that he was being detained as a danger to security of Kosovo under the terms of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244. In other words, no proper charge was made.

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