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The " Water Framework Directive" came into force in December 2000.


The central objective of the Water Framework Directive is the "good status" of waters in the Community. The basic thinking behind "good status" is that waters may be impaired or changed by human use, but only insofar as the ecological functions of the water are not significantly impaired. The requirements for good ecological water quality are defined in detail for the different types of waters. In addition, EU-wide minimum requirements are to be developed for some 30 priority substances on the basis of chemical quality objectives.

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A Marine Strategy to save Europe's seas and oceans
The European Commission has proposed an ambitious strategy to protect more effectively the marine environment across Europe. The Thematic Strategy on the Protection and Conservation of the Marine Environment aims to achieve good environmental status of the EU's marine waters by 2021 and to protect the resource base upon which marine-related economic and social activities depend. The Marine Strategy will constitute the environmental pillar of the future maritime policy the European Commission is working on, designed to achieve the full economic potential of oceans and seas in harmony with the marine environment.
A Marine Strategy Directive will establish European Marine Regions on the basis of geographical and environmental criteria. Each Member State, in close cooperation with the relevant other Member States and third countries within a Marine Region, will be required to develop Marine Strategies for its marine waters.
The Marine Strategy is consistent with the water framework directive from 2000 which requires that surface freshwater and ground water bodies (lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, coastal waters...) achieve a good ecological status by 2015 and that the first review of the River Basin Management Plan should take place in 2021.

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