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Yes, I'm not at all as convinced as some that these groups of immigrants will integrate into the larger society in the foreseeable future, no matter what good will and good policy is applied to the problem.

Traditionally integration of immigrants would be most problematic when the country of origin was right across the border, and the people concerned stayed rooted in their cross border culture. These days, as the parent poster noted, any country is right across the border, as this very forum is an example of. Add to that the religious identity politics, and the outlook is pretty bleak.

The question is, is there hope of a meaningful integration and a lessening of conflicts before a massive backlash, reaching deep into the moderate, and even left wing, parts of the population, provides fuel for a hardline right wing resurgence throughout Europe. Being politically correct is starting to look mighty like whistling past the graveyard these days.

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by Alexander G Rubio (alexander.rubio@gmail.com) on Sun Nov 6th, 2005 at 11:26:26 AM EST
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