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No, Giuliani would not be a good model here. Giuliani did two good things in his eight years as mayor - reducing crime in his first term and dealing very well with 9/11 just before his second term was up.  Unfortunately he was also pure poison in terms of race relations - happy to run two thinly veiled racist campaigns against his black predecessor and showing utter contempt for non-whites while he was mayor. Nor was he any good in improving the quality of life in poor areas beyond crime reduction. And while that obviously improved the lives of the poor, it was accompanied by constant harassment of young black men along with a general sense of impunity for police abuse.  Bloomberg's been much better - he's managed to make one of the safest cities in America even safer in spite of much fewer police resources (budget crisis plus the need to shift significant resources to counter-terrorism). At the same time he's worked hard to reach out to and mend relations with non-white communities. His reward is that the polls say that he'll get a majority of the black vote on Tuesday - incredible for a white Republican.
by MarekNYC on Mon Nov 7th, 2005 at 04:14:15 AM EST
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