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Israel and Hizbollah trapped in conflict again
Robert Fisk - The Independent, 14 April 1996.

ONLY a few hours after Israeli helicopters had staged their first raid over the southern suburbs of Beirut on Thursday, Hizbollah's local Manar (Lighthouse) television station showed an intriguing film, an interview with a Lebanese man, his face pixillated to avoid recognition but his voice all too audible as he recounted his life as an Israeli agent in southern Lebanon. He had, he said, married a woman who lived in the Israeli occupation zone in the far south of the country -- the strip of territory held by Israeli troops since 1978 -- and had been recruited by Israel on a visit to his wife's village.

Lebanon 1982-1984

It was unclear whether the man was a prisoner or a defector, but his information was specific. For months he had lived in the area north of Israel's occupation zone, amassing details of Hizbollah's movements and equipment. On a set of photographic maps provided by the Israelis, he had carefully marked the home of each Hizbollah member. He had communicated this information, he said, through an E-mail system that operated on Israeli-provided equipment which he kept hidden in the cabinet of his television set.

Amid the blood and rhetoric of this latest, wearingly familiar, war in Lebanon, Hizbollah was sending two messages over its TV station: that the historical background to the conflict is being ignored -- in some cases deliberately -- and that the Israelis had been planning this operation for months, just as Hizbollah itself had been working out its own methods of confronting the coming Israeli assault.

A Never Ending Story ... Republican nor Democrat Leadership in WH!

All attempts to reach a peaceful settlement have been sabotaged by all parties involved: Israelis, Hizbollah, Syrians and Palestinians. For this reason the Bush Neocon Cabal have decided to root out terror and provide security for Israel by sacrificing American and Iraqi lives.

US support for Israel has resulted in the oil nations of the Middle East being driven into the Russian sphere of influence. Barely able to hold onto Iraq, the US cannot fight and win a war against Russia for access to oil reserves.

The Neocons have not only sacrificed the lives of 2000 young Americans for Israel, they have sacrificed the nation's economy by making us the enemy of those nations whose oil we depended on.  

Iran Says Contracts With Russia Could Reach $10bn
Posted Nov 7, 2005 09:58 AM PST


Hariri Assassination By Suicide Truck Bomb  Mitsubishi Stolen in Japan

Norman J. Pattiz - Chairman BBG Middle East Committee
Bush singled out Pattiz for his "perseverance and dedication to the project." The 'project' being the production of Arab-language propaganda for two new media outlets: The Al-hurrah satellite television network, and Radio Sawa.


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