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I don´t like any street violence. :)

IF they did target only the cars of rich people or only "disgusting and malfunctioning schools", I might understand it. Not cheer it but understand it in a way.

BUT I doubt that a lot of rich people are living close to them. So I have to assume that some of the cars and schools they were torching belong to not so well off people too.

A German newspaper today on Wednesday mentioned a hospital and nurseries damaged by the riots last night in a French town. Only damaged not destroyed you understand.
Don´t know if they´re right, but hospitals and nurseries don´t seem to be targets anyone should cheer about?

by Detlef (Detlef1961_at_yahoo_dot_de) on Wed Nov 9th, 2005 at 04:24:03 PM EST
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You really never know, in my neighborhood the nursery system was disgusting. You could compare it with the service in other areas and.. well  I could see..well, it does not matter. My point is that unless you are on the ground, there is no way to know what is going on.

At least this is my point of view.

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by kcurie on Wed Nov 9th, 2005 at 05:09:52 PM EST
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