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Yes, had the rifles not been confiscated, France would have had the ready help of a large army of Spanish résistance fighters, willing to die to fight off the Nazis. Instead, these folk joined the résistance without guns!

It's a possibility, I mean. However, there is also the possibility that had they had their rifles in 1940, they would have engaged the Nazis as a a group, i.e. as soldiers, and not as guerrilla/résistance fighters ... in which case they would have been crushed by the Nazi leviathan.

About Spanish immigrants, there has been immigration in the 50s and 60s too, some worker, some refugees, but still overall more refugees than workers (I need to check up on figures for this, but I can distinctly remember this from my glorious study days).

by Alex in Toulouse on Thu Nov 10th, 2005 at 05:49:11 AM EST
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