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I took part in meetings between Paris and Washington. Well. If I said one thing was `possible' that word became `probable' in Tenet's words".

Indeed. And I will add one point that connects the article to a chapter in the Wilson affair: the Senate Whitewash Report's claim (based on the claim of an unnamed intel official) that the only noted part of Wilson's report was another info on Iraqi intent to buy Uranium. First the relevant part in the article:

The CIA knocked on our door once again, with the story of the uranium, only in late spring 2002. The end of April, I would say, beginning of

In  Niger the Dgse men found nothing at all, nothing different from what already found by ex Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whom the CIA had sent to Njamey in February....

On the other hand, we knew the reason of the journey of Iraqi Ambassador to the Holy See, Wissam Al Zahawie.

As for the detail on Wilson's trip: as I explained to wchurchill earlier, Wilson was sent to investigate information that referred to the February 1999 visit of the Iraqi Ambassador to the Vatican, but the info the Senate report references was something from the summer of 1999. At that time, the then PM of Niger met an Iraqi businessman who told him about a planned visit of an Iraqi delegation to Niger, and later, he shared with Wilson his speculation that that visit would be about purchasing uranium. (The Whitewash Report fails to mention that no such visit even took place.)

Now, my point: even tough Wilson disproved the Iraqi Ambassador's 1999 visit connection, and some unnamed intel spinmeister took note of a later visit that never happened, two months later the French were asked not about the latter, but about the Ambassador's visit! Someone was collecting and funneling intel in rather strange ways at the CIA...

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