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Again from official site:

President (98,70% counted):

  1. Michelle Bachelet Jeria (Socialist) 45,93%
  2. Sebastián Piñera Echeñique (neolib billionary) 25,44%
  3. Joaquín Lavin Infante (hardline right-wing) 23,23%
  4. Tomas Hirsch Goldschmidt (hard left) 5,39%

Parliament (deputies - Senate elections only partial -, 97,72% counted):

  1. Concertación Democrática (centre-left 4-party coalition) 51,77% (+3.87%)
  2. Alianza (post-fascist centre/hard-right 2-party coalition) 38,70% (-5.57%)
  3. Juntos Podemos Más (communist-humanist hard left coalition) 7,38% (separate results +1.03%)

(For parties separately, the hard-right party still outdoes the (centre-left) Christian Democrats, tough now only by 1.5%. Next follow the (centre-left) Democrats, the centre-right party, the Socialists, finally the Communists above 5%.)

Congrats to Cd and JPM. European leftists should wake up: South America may soon become the leader.

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by DoDo on Mon Dec 12th, 2005 at 08:43:58 AM EST

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