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Greek lawyer says Britons illegally seized Pakistanis

ATHENS (Reuters) 15 min. ago -- A prominent Greek lawyer accused British security forces of illegally detaining Pakistanis living in Greece days after suicide bombings in London in July.

Fragiskos Ragoussis, one of the country's best known criminal lawyers, submitted a file to the Greek parliament on the allegations, automatically triggering a parliamentary investigation.

Ragoussis, who is also a defence attorney for members of Greece's once-feared November 17 leftist guerrilla group, alleged that 28 Pakistani men were arrested, detained up to a week and interrogated on Greek soil by British security officials.

The Liberty Human Rights Group said the Pakistani men were snatched from their homes by plain-clothes men, hooded and abducted for interrogation by persons speaking English fluently.

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The British embassy in Athens refused to comment on the allegations, saying it was a matter for the Greek authorities.

"It is Her Majesty's Government's well established policy not to comment or enter into media speculation about the alleged operations of the UK's security and intelligence services, no matter how far fetched - as it is in this case," it said in a statement.

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