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the race to the bottom has been on for a long time, at least since the "west" saw itself liberated from the pressure of the collapsed communist system, and even before. this was in fact the starting shot for all rightwingers to gather and start putting in practice their whole arsenal of sociopathic ideas. margaret thathcher (may she rot in hell) actually started the avalanche.

the solution to the problems of corrupt rulings (for, how else can one call such a ruling ?) of "international bodies" like the ECJ who have allegiance to no-one but the moneyed and corporate, is quite simple: use the tools at the disposal of the nation-state to quell the insurrection of the have-too-muchs.

the nation-state may have its flaws, but if used correctly it should protect the locals from those who dont have their best interest in mind. the best remedy against this abuse is to not abide by the ruling, and to exit the EU altogether if they so much as question that. after 10 years in the EU, here in austria no one who i know, knows exactly what benefits the EU has brought us. most people who i have spoken to say that we've been had, that we pay for trouble and what is nothing but another opportunity for politicos of all colors to stuff their pockets.

whatever else one may think of it, the allegiances shown by the ECJ and the rest of the EU (parliament, commission ...) are worrying.

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